Painting the stories of the people and places we have come to know and love on the journey


A Break in the Rain 

This piece is painted on a 12x16" piece of 140#, CP. Kilamanjaro.

Private Collection




Rainy Sunday Morning

This piece is painted on  a  10x22" piece of 300# rough. Waterford, St. Cuthberts Mill.

Private Collection









This piece is 13x22" painted on a piece of  300# rough. Waterford, St. Cuthbert's Mill.

Private Collection

I could at this point make Giclee prints available. 



Merchant Girl

This piece is 12"x16" painted on a piece of  140# CP, Kilamanjaro.

Private Collection




The Fruit Sellers

This piece is 15x22" painted on a piece of  300# Rough Waterford, St. Cuthbert's Mill.

Private Collection
















In Pittsburgh it had rained for four days straight. April and I went out for a whole day of photography to capture it. We carried two umbrellas, one for April and one for her to hold over my head while I took the snaps. We both ended up soaked anyway. this piece and the one following were inspired by that very wet outing. Bloomfield is an area of Pittsburgh that is also referred to as little Italy. The church steeple in the background of "A Break in the Rain" appears to be an exact duplicate of one that dominated the skyline in Venice. The "Burg" also is home to a significant population of Christian Orthodox populations. You can sure see the influence in this office building in downtown.

This piece was included in a series for a show in the Pittsburgh area. These pieces reflect the culture unique to Western Pennsylvania. The inspiration for this piece is the 'Strip District' of downtown Pittsburgh.


This piece was inspired by our visits to the "Strip District" in historic downtown Pittsburgh.







Saturday morning on "The Strip" in downtown Pittsburgh is one of those cross cultural experiences never to be forgotten, even if you are culturally American. Perhaps especially if you are.