Recent Work

Painting the stories of the people and places we have come to know and love in our travels  

Wheelbarrow Fun

This piece is 15x22" a half sheet of  300# rough. Waterford, St. Cuthbert's Mill.

Private Collection






This piece is 13x22" painted on a piece of  300# rough. Waterford, St. Cuthbert's Mill.

The origional is available as of 7/10/07.







I painted this piece as an exercise in figures. I had been focusing on land and city scapes recently and needed to get back to figures before I lost my edge. It went well. While I have enjoyed the scapes,  I  must confess my primary love for telling the stories of the people. There is something to be said in portraying by painting the lives and stories of others that I simply cannot say any other way.

I am painting a series for a show to open on July 22, 2007 here in the Pittsburgh area. These pieces will reflect the culture unique to Western Pennsylvania. The inspiration for this piece is the 'Strip District' of downtown Pittsburgh.